Cognitive Dissonance

by Matthew Ebel

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    releases June 23, 2017

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The Beating
I Suppose
Get Some
This Band Does Not Suck
Good Riddance
We Can Move On


Matthew Ebel’s latest album shatters one wall after another.
His usual light-hearted writing shares the stage this time with more serious fare, but Cognitive Dissonance is anything but a drag. Topics like self-doubt, consumerism, and disenfranchisement are matched with equal levels of empowerment, hope, and even the humor his fans have come to expect.

As Ebel describes it, “we build walls because actually solving conflicts is difficult. In reality, though, those walls are just thin panes of glass. When that glass breaks and you actually have to figure out what you believe… that is cognitive dissonance.”

While Ebel may have dialed up the intensity of his arrangements for this release, the songs are still catchy and memorable as always. Some of the more relaxed tunes, like “Coyote All Night” and “This Band Does Not Suck”, harken back to his usual tongue-in-cheek style. On the other side of the wall are tumultuous songs about politicians, ambition, and self-image.

The name Cognitive Dissonance belies the cohesion of the album. Infusing piano and soaring vocals with loud, raw, 90’s-alternative-inspired guitar and drums brings out the best of both worlds.


releases June 23, 2017

Writing, production, vocals, and keys by Matthew Ebel. Drums by Runtt. Bass guitar by Matthew Pompei. Guitars by Korozjin. Angry shouting by Shelly & Greg Hazard, Tim J Hohne, Joseph baldovin, and Richard Baldovin. Recording & mixing by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios. Mastered by Brian Charles at Zippah Studios.



all rights reserved


Matthew Ebel Boston, Massachusetts

I call myself a piano rocker, but I’m really just kind of a goofball. I’ve been playing the piano since age 5, discovered electronic music at 12, and made this stuff my career in '99. Since then I’ve played the Grand Ole Opry, been quoted in Rolling Stone, and made a name for myself in new media. I’ve been playing piano rock full-time since 2007 and since then I’ve never looked back. ... more


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Track Name: I Will Take You Home
If we leave this town tomorrow
will we crawl back again someday?
Are we starting an adventure
or are we just running away?
Is our love enough to hold us
through the darkness and the light?
Will we find ourselves together
or is this the big goodbye?

I see you staring down that road,
but you don't have to walk alone.
Shake that weight,
your heavy load won't break you–
let me take you home.
I will take you home.

Maybe we could find a reason
to forget the whole affair.
Heaven knows it would be safer
to pretend that we don't care.
If our love was all we needed,
would you sail away with me?
Just dip your toe into the water
or dive headfirst into the sea?

I got this feeling
deep down in the marrow of my bones:
The stars are not our ceiling,
the sun is just an arrow pointing home.

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Mister Speaker
Mister Speaker can you tell me what to do?
I'm really in a hell of a pickle.
I've got these children and they're driving me insane;
they're arrogant and pushy and fickle.
I give them everything but that just ain't enough,
they're always taking cash from the neighbors.
Their chores are basic but they always blow them off;
they owe their donors too many favors.

Their lives are easy but they don't even show up for their classes.
They're old enough to drive, but I'm still wiping their asses.
Mister Speaker, Mister Speaker what the hell do I do?

Mister Speaker can I kindly pick your brain?
I've got to mitigate a disaster.
I wanted order, but it's like Lord of the Flies–
I can't make them grow up any faster.
They can't control themselves, they fight like rabid dogs
but putting them to sleep's not an option.
Meanwhile my bank account is going down in flames…
Please can I put them up for adoption?

You think by now these little turds would learn some freaking compassion,
but self-preoccupation seems their only attraction.
Mister Speaker, Mister Speaker what the hell do I do?

Children on the right, children on the left, what am I to do?
This American dream is like a nightmare coming true.

Mister Speaker, I've a penny for your thoughts–
I think I might have found a solution.
You might not like it but something has got to pass,
these brats are killing my constitution.
I can't kick 'em out, I gotta wait another year–
you gotta finish up what you started
–but they're degenerating worse with every day.
It's time the little bastards departed.

The new arrivals won't shut up, no matter how much I shake 'em.
Their elders break their promises as fast as they make 'em.
It's time this tragedy of errors finally ended
'cause this is not the family my forefathers intended.
Mister Speaker, Mister Speaker what the hell do I do?